This is a poem about a young Rottweiler bitch in Scotland who was  abused by puppy farmers just to generate money. In the year 2000 we heard of the plight of a young bitch who had 3 litters in 19 months and was going to be bred from again in her next season. My wife and I tried to prevent this happening and told people about her plight and asked Rottie owners not to cover this bitch. We asked  a Rottie owner who had 2 sons from our Champion Dog not to use anything with Jacraila on this bitch but the lure of money was too great and they covered her. She had 4 litters and 39 pups in 28 Months
The person who covered the bitch has been rewarded by being elected to the committee of our one and only Breed Club. The promise of success to those pulling the strings  was more important than any code of Ethics and the fate of this bitch was ignored. It has long been my opinion that some breed clubs exist only for the progress of certain committee members and the welfare of our breed is secondary to their success.
 I regret nothing in trying to help this bitch and I wonder how many breed clubs in the World would condone such an action.

"Who  Cares"

Who cares if I live or maybe die
I take a breath and give a sigh
The heart is tired my body's weak
Who has the courage just to speak

They breed my body for money's sake
Another litter I have to take
Four in a row in two short years 
I try to smile behind the tears

The Breed Club knows my whereabouts
But nobody hears and no one shouts 
A hidden agenda is there you see
The promise of fame has scuppered me

39 pups I've had to rear
Every season I have to fear
So stop these people and ease my pain
Why do I suffer for monetary gain?

You know it happened before your eyes
Please hear my pain and heed my cries
They climb the ladder for fame and greed
I hope Dear lord they don't succeed

Eddie Nicol